Friday, February 27, 2009

More pictures

Dr. Schmidt

Eventually I'll have enough time to put together slide shows....

Kendall and Avery

Here is another video of the girls. Avery is getting much more interactive and loves her big sister. If she fusses it is usually because she wants to lay on the floor by herself to "play".

Avery Kicking

Here is Avery kicking in her bouncer! This one is for you Grandma Tori and Great-Grandma 'Nore because no one else will think that this is very interesting. She is 7 1/2 weeks now and we'll head to the doctor next Friday to see how much our Chunky Monkey weighs. Most strangers think she is 3-4 months!

okay, I just weighed myself and then me with her and I think that she is around 12.8 lbs.

Oh and if you listen closely at the beginning you can hear a weird noise - I think she was pooping.

Playing around and learning how to do all this!

I'm just playing around with inserting images right now...

This is my sweet firstborn, Kendall.