Monday, December 31, 2012

Kendall is 7!

Kendall turned 7 on December 13th.  I can't believe how much older she looks compared to last year! I try to take a picture of her every morning on her birthday but she was so excited that she woke up SUPER early and we were still in the apartment at that time and it was dark so I couldn't make her go back to her bed and risk waking up Avery.  So alas, we took her picture on the couch.
7 years old!
This was last year (age 6)

I joined her for lunch at school and took her McDonalds
Skates for her birthday!
Family dinner anywhere she wanted - Chuck E Cheese of course!  Luckily it wasn't too crowded on a Thursday night.

 For her party we decided just to do a little party with her friends Allyson and Kate BUT the flu was running rampant at the school and poor little Kate was just so sick she couldn't go.  So it was just Kendall, Allyson and Avery but we had a great time anyway.  We gave Kendall skates for her birthday and so we tried them out at the local skating rink!  Even Avery got to skate for the first time and she's a natural.  She didn't even want to use the skate walker most of the time.  

They wouldn't  let us bring food into the skating rink (even though it was just donuts) so we took them back to the apartment!

Family Gender Reveal!

Mike and I found out on December 11th if this baby is a boy or girl so to surprise the girls we decided to do our own little gender reveal party with balloons in a box.  They loved it of course, although honestly I'm pretty sure that they were more excited about getting balloons.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Couple of pictures in celebration of le bebe

Here she is!  From stormtrooper (first ultrasound snapshot) to real human form!!!!  

Both girls new we were having the ultrasound today and of course, Avery forgot... but not Kendall!  As soon as I picked her up from school she wanted to know if the baby is a boy or girl.  I wanted to tell her right away of course but Mike wanted in on the fun so I told her she had to wait until Daddy got home.  Excruciating!!!!  
To tell them we decided to have our own little gender reveal party since I knew the girls would enjoy it.  I put some purple and pink balloons into a box and told them that whatever color is in the box will tell us what we are having!  They ate it up.  Although I'm pretty sure their first reaction of excitement was just at getting balloons. 

Baby Girl Numero Tres

Here's a video of the ultrasound!  We never had with either Avery or Kendall and it was so neat to be able to show the girls.  They could both easily spot the spine and legs, head, nose...hopefully you can see it too.  There isn't any sound but you will get the drift.  She's a healthy little girl and right on track as far as size at 20 weeks 2 days.  We are incredibly blessed and thankful beyond belief for our 3rd little blessing!

Names?  No idea.  We'll let you know.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Fun things!

We saw an amazing rainbow the other day!!!  It was actually a double rainbow and it had to be the brightest rainbow I've ever seen.  Avery and I drove over to see it from the field near our apartment.  Kendall was with a friend and had called to check in and we thought it was so neat that we could both see the same rainbow even though we weren't together.  Hey, she's young and I'll take all the sappiness I can get!!!

 Guess who's back?!?!?!  Our elf finally arrived!  Kendall made the gingerbread house with a friend and that silly old elf, Frisbee, added snowmen (large marshmallows), small marshmallow "snowballs", and a "Home Sweet Home" sign to it!!!!  The girls had made him a bed so we found him snug and asleep on Saturday morning!

Saturday night was our first time going to the Fulshear Christmas Lighting ceremony!  We were lucky enough to sit with some friends and had a front row seat on the back of their truck for the parade.  Below are pictures of Kendall, Avery and Kendall's friend, Allyson.
Let's hope that this is one of the only times that the red and blue lights of a police car are reflecting off of their sweet faces!!!!

Waiting for more floats and candy!!!

They got to climb up the fire truck

In the fire truck!
With the stage and Christmas tree in the background.
 For the life of me I can't get their eyes not to glow!!

Blah blah blah...more house pics...

I finally got my herringbone pattern!  It's in the kitchen backsplash. They still have to grout the tile throughout the house and put down the tile flooring.  The fluorescent lights and ceiling fans should be going in today, then wood floors later this week.  They still need to paint the kitchen cabinets as well.  Lots to do but the countdown is on.

And so begins my Christmas shopping so that we can hopefully get moved in and NOT have to worry about leaving the house to go get presents!

The trim is painted a dark brown

This is the girls bathroom.  still needs to be grouted but we put in an iridescent round tile for accent that has light pinks, blues, greens, yellows...  Daddy's idea!!!!

I'm very happy with the backsplash!  it's a limestone tile...nice cool tones


The girls have started gymnastics and love it!  Well, Avery likes to gripe and groan about going because she has to do the bar (sometimes) and it hurts her tummy and she's afraid to flip over it.  But by the time we leave they are elated and excited to go back.  They started in September and just had their first evaluation.  Both girls are moving up to the next level so they just have a few minutes after the class to present the kids with their certificates.