Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bluebonnet Photo Session: FAIL

So the state flower down here is the bluebonnet and some people try to take their kids out, take pictures and risk the weeds, burrs, spiders and fire ants in hopes of capturing THE perfect shot. Like this one…(this is Kendall’s teacher and her family)

Well...our photo session should be called "Itchy and Scratchy go see the bluebonnets." To say it was a disaster photo session is an understatement.
However I managed to capture a few decent shots. Like 14 okay pictures out of 215 shots (okay maybe not that many but close). But it was because:

#1) there were weeds and bugs galore amidst the ever-so-lovely bluebonnets. #2) Avery just hates the camera. You'd think by her reaction that I have a permanent disfigurement on my face to which she makes awkward faces and tries to politely look anywhere but my eyes/lens. So here you go already.

Oh wait, it gets better. I didn’t even mention my embarrassment as I’m yelling at my kids to “JUST FREAKING STAND STILL AND SMILE FOR ONE MINUTE SO THAT I CAN GET ONE DECENT SHOT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!” as a lovely lady that lives in the neighborhood was walking past with her dog.

I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

Then to make matters worse she was really nice and offered to take a picture with me in it as well. I did not take her up on her offer but she let the girls pet her dog and it gave them a brief break from their mommy forcing them to smile and stand still and ACT LIKE THEY LOVE EACH OTHER, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS. Ok, no really, here are the pictures. I need to get some sleep. Much love to you all!!!!!

AH!!!!!!! I won I won I won!!!!!!

Okay so I blogged that I was entering that Tara Stanton book giveaway for a huge book that retails for $270 - it's about photography and every single thing you need to know to start up a business and take pictures and develop pictures and everything pictures and I'm freaking out BECAUSE I WON!! This just totally made my night - my week!!!! MY MONTH!!!!! I told Mike and he seems less than thrilled but I'm so very very very excited!!!!!! I'm not starting up a business right now but someday I hope too. In the meantime...I'm learning all I can and from what I have seen this is going to be a fantastic resource. I can't wait to get it!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm trying to win!

I'm entering a contest and since some of my followers are photographers too I thought I'd blog about it (plus it gives me an extra entry chance to win). I'm always looking for ways to slowly get more aquainted with the phototgraphy world and I think that someday I'd like to start my own business so I'm entering this contest in hopes of winning a great book by a photographer, Tara Stanton, that I follow who does great work. If you are interested - check it out!!! Angie at Photocard Boutique is giving away the Tara Stanton Captivate Workshop Book.