Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just in case you didn't get a Christmas Card...

...I ran out.

So don't be offended.

Considerate my efforts towards saving the planet.

I met a girl a few months back at Bunco and then she emailed out that she was doing a little Christmas promo to do pictures at Christmas time...for cheap. I went the cheapest route because of my 2 year old daughter. She hates the camera. I promise I'm not a member of the "mamarazzi." I try to live in the moment with my kids and not photograph everything that they do but Avery still runs as soon as she even suspects a camera.

She's getting better but well, not this day. She was AWFUL! So it was impossible to get a good family shot so we gave up and went with the candids. So maybe in another year we'll sit down for a REAL family photo shoot...that costs real money. Mike and Avery are so looking forward to it.

BTHO Nebraska! 11.20.10

Tailgating before the Aggie game against Nebraska. It was so much fun. Mike had a golf tournament so I attended the game with my college roomie Sarah and her husband and friends. It was a blast (until I had to drive home). It took forever (and it was like 1 am in the morning when I finally got there. The Red Bull didn't seem to kick in until AFTER I got home).

The gang...Brad, Brandon, Sarah, Greg, Brit and me


Thanks to my Cousin Jeff for the Apple Pie to keep us warm. We shared it with some drifter Huskers.

Sarah and I before the game

Friday, January 28, 2011

Videos of the girls

Videos take forever to upload so I'll start with these! Last summer 2010 - Kendall attended VBS for the first time with our neighbors down the street. Wow - I did VBS when I was a kid but did you know that most of the VBS programs are FREE? FREE I TELL YOU! So instead of spending 100 for a week of entertainment for your kids at a camp - send 'em to church! It's ingenious. And there are like 4-5 churches that all do their camps at different times in Katy. So next year - we are on the VBS bandwagon. Kendall eats it up.

So the point of my story is that she got a free CD of all of the music that they listened to and the songs aren't too bad. She learned the dance moves and it wasn't long before copycat Avery picked up on the dance moves too.

My favorite thing is to listen to Avery sing it in the car b/c she gets the last word of every line of the song. Oh oh oooh, oh oh oooh, oh oh oooh...... today........... day............ made.......... joy.......... it............ day.......... made.............. joy.......... it........

I finally decided to video both girls the other morning. It was cold outside and the were full of energy. Avery was pant-less - sorry about that... but it's cute just the same.

Wow Cousin John... are right - I have failed - EPICALLY failed - to blog lately. My last blog of any real familial subsequence was Halloween! That's horribe but I've got plenty of excuses. I'll spare you the list but just trust me. So let's see to catch up, I've got Thanksgiving, Kendall's birthday, Christmas, Avery's birthday...I think that's about it, and maybe a few videos in between. Oh and my mirror project finale! I know you've all been chomping at the bit to see it!!!! Right Cousin John?

My dear sweet Grandma Anderson passed away at the honorable age of 93 on Sunday morning (January 23rd) peacefully and in her sleep. We know that she was welcomed with open arms into heaven by not only Jesus, but her loving husband who passed a little over a year ago and her son, my dad, who died 33 years ago. I know that her heart has ached for the both of them for so long. She is sorely missed but I am confident knowing that she is at rest and very very happy.

Her death was sudden and we all scrambled to try to get there. At the last minute I thought I could pull off driving up with the girls. Mike was out of town but the weather forecast was to be beautiful the whole way up to Nebraska and I thought I could even pick up my brother to help me with the drive. And then Wednesday morning I woke up..............with a stomach virus. Avery had had it Saturday and I thought I was totally in the clear since it had been over 3 days. After literally being drained of all fliuds for an entire day, I knew that I could not physically commit to a 17 hour drive with 2 small children. Not too mention risk getting everyone else in Nebraska sick.

So my heart is broken and aching for my family. I so wished to be with them. It's a time of sorrow but a chance for us all to reconnect and love on each other. It's a huge family - 5 children, their spouses, and then my 12 cousins, their spouse and 4 great-grandkids... It's a giant ball of love that family.

It amazes me EVERY SINGLE TIME that we get on the phone - even after years - that's it like we never missed a day. I love that about my family. And love can't even describe the depth of my adoration for them. Tonight they all called and passed around the phone to talk to me. My heart ached as we laughed and I cried and they told me what they were up to and they made me realize that I'd not bought waterproof mascara.

I always buy waterproof mascara.

My Cousin John (mentioned in the title of this blog) said that I hadn't posted on here in quite some time and he was tired of re-reading about my fireplace mantle dilemma...okay, he didn't really say that but I read between the lines. So this is for you John! And for all of the Anderson Family and for my sweet Grandma. More to come...

Eleanor Anderson
January 15, 1918--January 23, 2011