Thursday, November 29, 2012

More house pictures...

This week granite was installed.  Mike can tell you I had a week long nervous breakdown about the kitchen granite. I was worried it was going to be too busy, but it's in and luckily - I love it.  The countdown is on.  Mike is striving for moving in in 2 1/2 weeks!  I'm not holding my breath.

The already small apartment is filling up with house stuff. Yesterday we got 2 large boxes of light fixtures and today, the wine fridge comes!!!!

We've done just a little bit of decorating for Christmas at the apartment.  The girls are anxious to get settled and get our tree up it the house - me too!  That will probably be our first priority of the move.

Front of house
Stone up close - this was my other worry, because really - how do you return 4 tons of stone if you dont like it!?  

Kendall's sink

Front bath

Garage built ins - our trim guys had a lot of leftover so it ended up looking pretty darn fancy for the garage!

Kitchen - cabinets still need to be painted
Kitchen granite - Brown Ice
Master Bath - Kate's side
Mom and Dad's vanity

The Study
Can't tell you how blessed I'm feeling.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Funny Girl

My funny girl Avery.  She and Kendall have so much fun together. I've been meaning to post her "solemn faced" prayer for quite some time.

And...this is what happens when mommy is cleaning and daddy is doing the dishes...

Thanksgiving with the Brew Crew

We spent the Thanksgiving week in Dallas at my parents house and had a great time.  On Wednesday Kendall started drawing Pilgrims and Indians and a turkey on Popsicle sticks and before you know it was hounding me to type up a play for her.  I typed, she talked and created this little play.  They do "Reader's Theatre" at school where the kids each get to read/act out a part in a short play.   Kendall loves doing it so we officially have her first screenplay written and recorded!

Avery had stage fright so I read both parts. Other characters were Grandma, Grandpa and Daddy as the Turkey. The large Diet Coke box is the theater and half of the characters were actually "in" the box (ahem...turkey - Mike under the table with the feather showing).

And here are a few snap shots!

Piper, David, me and Mom

Despite constant appeals/coercion/force/threats we could NOT keep mom out of the kitchen.

And Jack from yesterday...apparently he had a crappy day...

New house pics!

Here's a few pictures updates of the house!  This was done last week.  This week we hope to have the kitchen cabinets painted white, the island will be black, granite installed, tile started, stone on exterior completed.

We finally have finished all of our selections (except carpet - that's tomorrow).  Everything in the house is handpicked so if we don't like it, we have only ourselves to blame.  If you don't like it...uh...just don't tell us.  From the fluorescents to the sinks, to the knobs, to the flooring, to the toilets, every single light, lantern, uplight...need I go on?  There is a budget of course but we could pretty much go anywhere and pick anything so while it seems to be a blessing, there comes a certain point where I just wanted to say "YOU PICK IT ALREADY!!!"

One of our biggest concerns was the exterior stone.  We found a house here in Cinco that we really liked but had no idea of the manufacturer or name so Mike's stone guy just did a drive by and tried to match it the best he could.  Luckily - we love it!  Because really - how do you return 4 tons of stone?  (actual amount may be exaggerated...or not)