Monday, June 28, 2010


Unbeknown to my husband, I have a million project ideas running through my head. Not that he really cares b/c they don't involve him anyway, BUT here was the first that I'd been pondering on for quite some time. My entertainment center drives me nuts. I really don't LOVE it and I'd rather have something more streamlined like this...
And instead I have a large clunky big screen with cabinets around it. I mean, it's's just...big. (and don't get me wrong. After we reassembled the 2 ton shelves and put them back in place Mike said, "we should just move all that into another room and get a flat screen on the wall." I know honey...I's my dream too. We just need another oh....500 square feet. We do have plans for a little rearranging once Avery gets into a big girl bed so we'll see. Maybe then...)

Anyway, to me the bookshelves on either side have always been black holes. You can't really see anything in the them b/c the wood is so dark. I've seen in a mag where they added wallpaper to the back of the shelves and I knew this is what I wanted to do.

Well...have you checked out the price of wallpaper lately? I mean's obviously making a comeback because it is ridiculously expensive. Well, not for the old rooster and veggie wallpaper, but for the trendy ones - it's at least $30 a roll and most places making you have buy 2 rolls. But I don't NEED 40 feet of wallpaper, I need about 10. So I've been searching for an alternate for months. Scrapbook my own...nah...wallpaper scraps - no idea where to even start...

Then last week I was meandering through the Wal-mart that I NEVER go to because it is so far away (it's like 10 miles away...whew...long trek). Anyway, I happened upon shelf liner that looks like the ever popular $90+/roll wallpaper. Now this IS the spongy shelf liner not the self stick but I decided to give it a try. Long story short (I've got a baby screaming in her crib) it worked! So for about $11, my shelves when from this to this!

I think I am going to get 2 bigger baskets for the bottom shelves where the smaller baskets are now. I'll make a few more changes but for now, it just livens them up so much! I love it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So...can any of you bloggers tell me how to create a cute "logo" header for the top of my blog? As you can see, mine is crooked and I can't get it centered. I don't necessarily love having a gigantic picture of myself up there either...I can't figure out how to resize it, even digging around in html. If you have any ideas or help - lemme know.


Friday, June 11, 2010

10 Years

In anticipation of next week - June 17th - I am writing up this post. Mike and I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. I think that making it 10 years for anyone is a huge accomplisment and something to be overly crazily excited about and should be celebrated with a HUGE blowout vacation. But you know what? I've got kids. And I. am. tired. I really just want to park it somewhere - preferably close to a body of water, albeit a lake, beach, pool...and I'd like to have someone bring me lunch, and fruity drinks and have a massage here and there. So we hemmed and hawed and decided to go to Austin's Barton Creek Resort and Spa. And can I just say that I am SO ready to go already. My brain checked out last Monday. I feel like I've got Senioritis and it's only my junior year. me out of here!

I have always wanted to go to Barton Creek Resort. It's on the west side of Austin and I LOVE Austin. Something about the atmosphere. The hills and the green. If I could live anywhere, I think it would be in the hill country. I really hope to someday have a 2nd house there. I do love Texas. There are so many beautiful places on this earth, and Texas has so many of them.

So I'm totally rambling. I recently started scanning in old pictures and here's one for the books! Mike and I had just started dating...ahhh....puppy love.

The rest of the time...

Let's do I explain some of these pictures? i.e. Avery riding shotgun. As you can see in the background there is a brick wall so it's safe to assume the car was stationary. Grandma, the smart woman that she is, was letting her 17 month old granddaughter "play" in her car. Always a good safe form of entertainment, mom! It is kind of funny that the wind is blowing her hair just right.

Ryland (nephew) loves to climb trees and so Kendall "wanted to" and then immediately got scared. (see the terror in her eyes and flailing legs while being held by Uncle Chris).

Not much else...just fun pictures.

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Swimming Fun the parents in Big D. This girls had a blast in my mom's old pool under the trees. Ty got in on the fun too! Can you tell I'm digging the collage feature of Picasa (it's a free photo editing software).
There'll be another post one on here soon!
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Coolio Nephews

This past weekend we went to Dallas to my parents house. Kendall could not wait to see her cousins Ryland and Nick (my sister's boys). She adores them - so much that I really wished that we lived closer and could see them more. She thinks Ryland is "so funny" - don't we all!? He is such a ham. And Nick is so sweet to her - as he is to everyone. As soon as they left on Saturday night she burst into tears and was already reminiscing over how much fun she had with them and she was really going to miss them...did i tell you she's my emotional one?
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Huff and Puff

This is my first time using Picasa to do a photo collage. Yeah for me - if you don't mind me tooting my own horn. My friend Selene does it on hers all the time and I figured it out. On. My. Own.

So the other day Kendall - age 4 1/2 - learned to blow up a balloon ALL BY HERSELF! No, it's not brain surgery, it's not reading (working on it), or algebra but it's hard to do! And these were REAL balloons. We'd bought a bag of them for a craft I was going to do (didn't happen). And then Kendall's friend Avery (not sister) came over and they wanted me to blow up all 50,000 of them (okay 25, but it felt like 50K). However my lungs were shot. I got some weird chest something or other and with each balloon I blew up, I about blew out a lung so after 10 balloons I said "look girls, if you want another balloon blown up, you are going to have to do it yourself." Secretly laughing inside knowing that they'd be huffing and puffing themselves into a fantastic NAP (pass out? nap? same difference right?)

But no. Those silly little giggle boxes learned to blow up balloons. There is nothing like the satisfaction of something HUGE like that.

And isn't everything a BIG DEAL at this age?
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