Sunday, September 6, 2009

The last days of summer!

Here are a few pictures from our last days of summer. Kendall loves to paint and it was actually cool enough for her to go outside in the middle of the day. She's a little artist for sure!
A couple of weeks ago we had a wonderful visit by my good friends, The Lees. Pat was my 6th grade teacher and although she was tough on us and I didn't appreciate her nearly enough back then, I love her now! We had a wonderful evening. Pat and James are expecting their first grandbaby in December and had lots of fun playing with our girls. Kendall adored them of course. Who doesn't!?

And Little Miss Avery - she is chewing on EVERYTHING! She's got 5 teeth now. Three on top and two on the bottom. She has perfected crawling and pulling up. We are expecting that she'll be walking in the next couple of months. Today I'll be putting together a gate because she LOVES the stairs. Kendall could have cared less about them, but Avery is our little daredevil. Plus she has a big sister to keep up with!
Kendall painting. Isn't that such an artist's expression?
Pat Lee, Kendall and James Lee. Kendall is teaching them how to use an iPhone.
Avery gnawing...on everything.

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