Monday, October 8, 2012

Updates on all things!

I know I know I's been 9 months since I wrote anything on here.  Unbelievable!  But life is just busy busy busy so finding time to actually download the pictures that I took onto my computer - well that's just an accomplishment in itself!  So - I'll catch you up on what is going on around there here parts of Texas.

Most of you know we are building a house.  We are so excited and feel so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity.  We bought an acre a little further west of Katy in a town called Fulshear.  It's a great very small town that is growing and growing.  We put our house on the market last May and after about 5 weeks received a good offer and went with it!  We were supposed to close on June 15th and then leave for Disney on the 22nd so in panic mode we moved out of the house and into an apartment but then the house didn't end up closing for another 5 weeks... but it was good to go ahead and get moved out. 

Construction began on the house in August. Our plan is to be in the house by Thanksgiving - or sooner if possible.  We start sheetrock today and that will take almost all week to complete, then they'll texture, start flooring, put in cabinets...lots to do still!  Here are a few pictures...

 Our lot before construction began

The back of the house when they were roofing.  This is not our whole lot. I took this from the house that is behind us.  
The front of the house - almost ready for stucco

The living room - big windows!!!  lots of light.

Avery is 3 (will be 4 in January) and is still my baby.  She loves to sing - she's always singing something.  And she is the family entertainer.  A total goofball!  She is in preschool 3 days a week at our church again this year and loves it!

Avery helping make daddy's birthday dessert

Avery with her friend Lily on the first day of preschool

Kendall is 6 and will be 7 in December.  Since we will be in the house in the next few months we were able to get her started at her new school at Huggins Elementary so that she won't have to change schools mid-year.   It took a couple of weeks for us to adjust.  School this year starts at 7:45 am so we have to get up pretty early.  I'm not a morning person.  I like waking up AFTER the sun is up and my children are following suit, so that in itself was a challenge but we are starting to get used to it.  Kendall is such a friendly and sweet girl.  She loves making new friends, reading, drawing and dancing.  We just started the girls in gymnastics so I'll try to get a few pictures of that in the coming weeks (or next year). 

 Kendall and her new friend, Kate, at a skating birthday party this weekend.

We celebrated Mike's 35th birthday on September 24th and we went to dinner with his side of the family the night before.
Family picture!  Happy Birthday daddy!

And perhaps our biggest news yet...we're expecting!  Yep - we decided last spring that maybe we were finally ready to add one more kiddo to the crew.  Below is my ultrasound from 7 weeks and as of today I'm 11 (and a half) weeks.  My due date is April 26th - hallelujah for a baby that is NOT going to be born in the holiday season!!!!   The girls are so excited (as is Daddy).   And according to our plans - this will be the LAST baby.  Three is enough!
The baby is the tall thing in the picture. I think it looks like a Storm Trooper standing next to a hamburger.


  1. Congrats on everything! Especially the new baby. Love you guys!

  2. First, I would like to congratulate you on your pregnancy! Another miracle will be born in a few months. Second, congratulations on your new house! I saw from a latter post how almost everything is already in place. The walls are painted and floors are tiled. It turned out really nice!

    Sherril Frost