Sunday, June 7, 2009

Put in your earplugs...

...we've got a screamer. This is what I get to listen to! I call her the teradactyl. In Avery's defense it is NOT every day. She has calmed down quite a bit since I recorded this last week. I think she may have been a little embarrassed. Also please listen (in between the screams) to Kendall. You notice that she repeats EVERYTHING I say in EXACTLY the same tone. Trust me, you have no freaking idea how ridiculous you sound until your 3 year old mimics you. I love my daughter but find her copying incredibly annoying... which means Avery is getting it double and has to be miserable. No wonder she screams...she's trying to drown out her mother and sister's voices...

Translation: "get me the h*ll out of here, these people are freaking crazy. They put me in abnormal devices that turn in circles and rattle and play weird music OR in a contraption that dangles me from a door only to be tortured by my sister and the dog who insists on walking in and out of the bedroom 10 times a minute - turning me in circles so as to jumble my senses and render me screamless. My only ally is the cat. He ignores me. He is my only friend. Together we will find freedom."

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  1. Kendall is cracking me up! She wants to be like mom - too cute :)