Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Porch

So Mike and I have been fixing up the house here and there (see the post about the new closet!). Well we'd talked about putting slate down on the back porch and hem-hawed (sp?) about it for weeks then ruled it out. Well...we finally did it! And IT....LOOKS....AWESOME. We took out the brick planters that we'd put in a long time ago and that was no fun. Correction - my hubby took them out. In between Avery's feedings and naps, I wasn't much help. I did, however, give him the brilliant idea of getting the big Home Depot buckets to help hawl it away so I get props there.
Oh and by the way, when I say "we" put slate on the back porch I mean "Mike made a call and had the professionals put them." It was hard work taking care of 2 babies and watching those guys sweat in this Texas heat. Luckily it was really dry out and not the usual 100% humidity. And we made them cookies and took them lemonade. They "spoke-a no ingles" but kept smirking and laughing. I guess they aren't used to white chicks handing out cookies on a job. Well...I hope they know that they are very appreciated. Anyway, I've got a dozen other things to blog about so without further ado...



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