Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Nothing big, but I did a little artwork for Avery's room to finally make it complete. I bought these frames from Ikea about 9 months ago and haven't been creative enough to do anything with them...UNTIL NOW. I love cheap crafts. It took longer than I thought but I LOVE them. A little scrapbook paper and wha-la! ART! And it only cost me $5 for the paper and maybe $27 for the frames? Thanks to the internet for letting me trace (a.k.a. rip off) some pictures so that I didn't have to free hand these little critters. The deer was some wall decal, Owl was from a Pottery Barn pillow and the butterfly was from the Amy Butler free patterns. Did you know that you can trace off of your computer screen? Beware: don't press to hard or you'll be buying a new monitor. So without further ado...

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