Monday, October 5, 2009

273.931649 days

9 months - Avery's age. She loves (in no certain order)...

  • her sister - no one can make her change from crying to laughing in a nanosecond like Kendall.
  • the cat - she almost breaks her neck trying to whip around to see him. The love is NOT reciprocated.
  • chewing on shoes.
  • chewing on the bathtub handles.
  • chewing on stray pieces of carpet.
  • dog food (well, TRYING to eat it, she's gotten it in her mouth, but not swallowed. Maybe I should let her eat it and she'll realize it's not so great.)
  • the dog bowls. What is so great about these bowls? I've got no clue. Oh except that one is filled with fun cool water that is oh so much fun to splash all over the floor creating a serious hazard to all who dare pass.
  • Cheerios. She's trying to convince us that's all the nutrition she needs. Perhaps she has forgotten that she is the 2nd child and that crap don't play in the Hurlbut household.

She is pulling up on everything and I'm sure will be walking soon. She started walking while holding onto things last week. She's got 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on bottom and they are sharp. Now she does this cute little scrunchy face smile when she's tickled with herself. It's a Kate-trait. Both girls have my ticks.

She's had a stuffy nose for almost 2 weeks now and it's really getting old. This kid is strong. Trying to wipe the nose of a baby you have in a bodylock is no fun. She turns into some sort of one piece muscle that is impossible to grasp. I usually end up having visual proof of the wrath of Avery...snot all over my shirt.

She is so much fun and time is passing all too quickly. I think that for Halloween she'll be an Octopus. I found a cute costume in the Family Circle magazine. More pictures to follow!

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