Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let's see...what's next...Christmas decorating!

Well, I was going to attempt to do one blog entry a day to get caught up but...well that never happened. So I'll just cram as many as I can into the next 30 minutes until my kids get hungry again or need a diaper change or want to go outside or come inside or brush their teeth or start a movie or have a snack or want a drink... *sigh* I know...I know...someday too soon they'll be telling me they don't need me at all...

CONFESSION: I contemplated getting a fake tree this year.

Because *flashback to Christmas last year* Kendall woke me up in the middle of the night to turn her nightlight back on or something and I walked her back to bed and BOOM - saw our 8 foot Christmas tree lying horizontal on our living room floor. I was so out of it that there might as well have been a stranger standing in the room. Scared the you-know-what out of me.

Water spilled (all over my new heirloom tree skirt that my grandmother and mother and tirelessly worked on)...ornaments broke... Mike and I's very first ornament as a wedded couple that his mom gave us. It was frosted glass and said "I DO". None of the other ornaments broke and I yelled "NO! It's A SIGN! OUR RELATIONSHIP IS DOOMED" and then we laughed and threw it away. I mean there was no way to save it.

So anyway, real trees are such up keep...the water, the needles but then seeing the $250+ price tag (even on sale) for artificial trees...well, it just wasn't in the budget this year. So we got a gorgeous tree from our local HEB. We aren't ready for the "drive out to the country and cut our own down"'s just too much trouble with Avery and when I plan this big exciting treks they always seem to backfire. Does that happen to anyone else?

We got this beautiful 9 foot tree - the most beautiful and tallest tree we've ever had. We had it almost a full month so it was very dry and very droopy and I was more than ready to get rid of it the day after Christmas but for the most part it was perfect. And this year I decided to tether it to the spindles on the stairs behind it.

Just in case.

So here is our evening decorating the tree on December 7th. As expected Avery did more "un-decorating" than decorating but the girls were totally into it. I look forward to next year when the bottom half of the tree doesn't have to be as sparse and non-breakable.

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