Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just a little behind...

As in only 5 months 3 weeks late on blogging about Avery's birthday. I'd be flat out lying if I told you it just slipped my mind. It didn't. It's been haunting me for 5 long months. As in true second child form I didn't even take Avery to her well-visit until a month after her birthday. A month and one week to be exact. She'd had a lot of ear infections and I just didn't want to anty up that copay again. Not too mention the dreaded shots, but no - mainly the copay. I wanted to wait and see if she'd get another ear infection so that we could just get it all done in one fail swoop but she was suddenly the spitting image of health and I didn't want the government questioning me about her immunizations so I gave in and took her.

Her stats for 2 years, 5 weeks old were 29 pounds (75%) and 35.5 inches (82%).

For the party, it was more of a playdate party. I figure that Avery's not really going to remember anyway and so far she still gets a little overwhelmed by all the hub-bub. Well, she used to. But she's becoming more and more of a ham so we may have to do a little something more next year.
I used leftover cake from Kendall's birthday and made cake balls. My first attempt and they were really good! And despite only having a few people over I totally did it up with some Elmo decor and spent way too much time on it but I guess it was my guilt from not having a big party. After a whole evening in the kitchen Mike threw in the comment "I thought you weren't having a party?" I was sweating it out running around staying up late like I WAS having a full blown party. At the end of the day she had fun and we are so glad for the sweet friends that came to play!
I didn't get as many pictures as I'd hoped but those that were able to stop by were: our neighbors the Simanks (Leslie, Gracie, Mikah, Luke and Eli), the Ellis family (Melanie, Keifer, Cooper and Spencer), the Hare family (Ashley, Matthew and Audrey) and the Mitchell family (Marsha, Jackson and Jameson). I think that is everyone. It's been 5 months and the brain is a bit rusty!

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