Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Nebraska

Well, I'd hoped to have gotten more Nebraska chronicles done by now but real life has prevented that. Here are more pictures from the rest of our time in Gothenburg.

We visited the Sod House Museum. I used to go here all the time when I was little and it's where I got my very first rabbit skin. I loved that thing. Weird. I know.

This morning was quite chilly and before we got out of the car I told little miss "run from the camera" that you ARE going to act happy and you ARE going to smile for me when I take pictures. Mommy's threatening looks and mean voice do work on occasion. Sweet victory!

It was shortlived, they were just worn down for the long drive. They were back to ignoring me within hours.

The little sod house is located behind the museum and is an original house. Sue Peeden (the lady who runs the museum) offered to give us a tour but it was muddy and chilly and really - old people like to talk and talk and talk and little ones like to destroy so I figured it best if we just had a little looksee and then got the heck outta dodge.

I did get to chat for a few minutes with Sue in the gift shop as I tried to keep Avery's grimy little hands from breaking EVERY SINGLE THING in the shop. She was sweet as could be (Sue - not Avery - come on!) and when I told her who I was she said "Oh I knew your dad! He used to fly in and out of our airport all the time." (note to myself for posterity sake - I believe she said that she and her husband ran the airport, they weren't the owners). Where was I? Ah yes, it was neat to meet someone who normally would be just a random person, but in a small farm town of 3,000 there are no chance meetings - especially with the old people! Ahem, older people.

This is my grandparents farmhouse. My Aunt Shirley has lived there for a while and it's had many people through it doors - doesn't every farmhouse? My grandparents lived in town for a long time but we lease the farmland out. The rest of the family hunts on the land, burns stuff, looks for dead carcasses (Jules & Vicki) know...the usual. As soon as we arrived the girls started in on the hundreds of dandelions. It's a shock they weren't passed out in minutes with all the huffing and puffing going on.

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