Tuesday, January 10, 2012


And on we go to Thanksgiving!  The girls only get Wednesday through Friday off so right after school on Tuesday we drove up to Dallas.  Traffic was awful.  That stretch of 35 from Waco to Hillsboro is a death trap but we made it and had a great time as usual.

The first day my sister and her boys Nick and Ryland came over.  Mom sent them out to rake leaves and they had so much fun jumping and playing in them.  I'm not sure that they actually ever picked any up, but well, we got some good shots of the kids anyway.

Avery had a great time in them

action shot!

Avery climbing the tree.  Well, kind of.

Best picture ever of my girls!

Kendall can finally climb the tree all by herself and she's quite pleased as you can tell by the look on her face!

Crazy kiddos.  They were supposed to look like turkeys with leaves as their tail feathers

action shot of Ryland and Kendall

I took some time to take pictures of my sister's family so we grabbed a quick shot of the grandkids.
Minus Piper but maybe someday we'll get one with all of them!

Grandma Tori and her grandkids

Thanksgiving dinner - the kiddos table

helping Grandma Tori decorate her Christmas tree

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