Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Visit to see Santa

As if moving into our house 3 days before Christmas wasn't stressful enough, the flu was running rampant at Kendall's school the week before the break. I had so much to do and just prayed she didn't get sick.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell....she did.  I still hadn't finished my Christmas shopping, we had Avery's Christmas program, a house that was in its final push of finishes and an apartment to pack up.  Oh my!  So long story short, despite getting the flu shot - she got the same flu she was vaccinated against!!!!  So she was home 4 out of 5 days.  Amazon Prime WAS MY BEST FRIEND that week.  Got all of my Christmas shopping completely done online!  And thankfully - SOMEHOW, none of the rest of us got the flu which was a miracle in itself.  Mike and I had colds but no fever.

I will say that for her having the flu, she barely had a fever (my opinion is that having been vaccinated significantly helped lessen the symptoms) and she was running around like normal on Tylenol so after 3 days of being home, we went to see Santa!!!!!  Bass Pro Shop is our favorite place to go.  The particular day we went we got the ho-hum Santa (the good one is probably only there at peak times) but the girls didn't care.  We love their set up and there are other fun things to do.  And best thing ever is that there is never a line!

Dear Santa:
What language do you speak? Do you know Frisbee?  He is my elf.  Frisbee is really fun!
Love, Kendall Hurlbut

Ready for their hunting licenses!

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