Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

We have had an incredibly busy month. Kendall's birthday, moving into the house and Christmas.  I'm not sure how but we survived!  Christmas Eve we spent with Mike's family (I'll have to post pictures later - they are on my iPhone) but Christmas Day was spent just us.  It was a nice relaxing day.   The girls got all they wanted and more.  A karaoke machine, Wii Kids Dance Revolution, Stompees (slippers), Dream Lites, clothes, Avery got her Dora stable, Kendall got a real Bible and some fun stocking stuffers of course.

Kendall even wrote Santa a thank you note (completely on her own!). I have to include that here too before we mail it to him.  The girls sang and danced their hearts out all day long.

Kendall and Sandy (the crazy Fur-Real dog) she got from Mike's brother.  That thing is ANNOYING but at least it has an OFF switch!
Avery finishing up the 3D house puzzle from Aunt Michelle

Mr. Good-for-Nuthin'

Before the craziness begins

Yep, bribed them for one good picture before opening presents

Dora Stable "I wanted this my whole life!"
  Oh what I went through to get this helmet!!!!
Daddy's collectible Aggie Helmet (in the new matte finish just like the players!)

The chaos!

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