Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm getting a new closet!

...and the crazy thing is, it was my hubby's idea!!! It all started with an episode of House Hunters International. There was a guy who loved to (insert Austrailian accent) "renovaaaaate". NOTE: from this point on whenever you see the word "renovate" you need to say it with an Australian accent - long "A" sound. So the guy in the episode was looking for a house to "renovate" (don't forget the accent). Well, well, well...low and behold 2 weeks later my husband and I are putting away laundry in our closet and he looks at me across the weird divider we have (that I can walk under but he can't) and says...I really hate this thing. Let's "renovate".

Since we are planning on staying in this house for another year or more, I agreed. What's so hard about re-doing a little closet? Ooooooohhh lordy. I should have known. Apparently we are gutting it and the process is currently underway. Thank goodness my baby is still young enough to sleep through the banging, hammering, nail gun shooting. Oh and generator/compressor that is right outside her door on the back porch. Oh wow, now they just started sawing INSIDE!!! I thought we were just taking out and adding doors! What are they putting in? An aquarium?

The plan is to take out the 2 doors and replace it with one bigger one. Pull up the carpet (we'll put it back down though), take out all of the old shelves out AND apparently it's turning into a slight bathroom remodel as well. We are doing a new countertop, mirrors. "What's wrong with the old one?" I asked and fought for, but lost that battle. I always lose these battles! I'm used to it though. The way I figure it, #1 - he's getting the "hook-up" from a lot of his trades since he's given them so much business in the past and #2 - it's cheaper than building a whole new house. Oh and there'll be new light fixtures. But we are moving these to the other bathrooms since those have the ugly round bulb fixtures. He mentioned redoing the shower and making it bigger - it IS really small - I agree (like if I turn sideways with my hands in my hair as though shampooing I can touch both walls with my elbows), but at this point I think we'll wait.

Now here is the funny part...Kendall noticed that one of the guys has tattoos on his arms so she wanted tattoos....which we had in stock thanks to Grandma Tori, so we put them on her. Grandma, when she turns 18 are you going to get her a REAL tattoo? Just wondering...

Then she put on one of her princess outfits, crown and heels. She put her kitchen table chair in the living room and is currently sitting oh-so-patiently...waiting...for them to notice her. (In the picture below you can see the door to our bedroom so she is in the perfect place to be "noticed." Well, I suppose she could be in the middle of the room but now that would just be too obvious.
...I am pretty sure that as with all men, they are totally oblivious to her efforts to try to impress them. Poor girl...she's learning this life lesson way too early.

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