Sunday, March 1, 2009

SlingBlade - why I love my husband

See...I knew this would happen. My creative juices start flowing at midnight and I feel the need to write this down because I'll forget it in the morning - or at least it won't sound nearly as funny. Oops, now I'm setting myself up for you to EXPECT this to be funny. Anyway, here-goes...

Last night there was nothing on...except SlingBlade. My husband and I inevitably watch this movie once every 2 years. It is a great classic movie that I would have NEVER watched. Why? Because I originally confused it with the movie BladeRunner (which I thought has Wesley Snipes in it for some reason but it doesn't). Anyway, a few years ago my husband corrected me on that train of thought and I watched SlingBlade for the first time. It's a great movie! Really great. Like a Forest Gump, RainMan type movie. So for days after we watch this movie, Mike continously does the "Karl" impression of this guy and we crack up at ourselves because honestly - who else would find it funny?

So tonight, we were eating dinner in shifts (as usually happens when you have an unpredictable 7 week old.) As I was taking our sleeping newborn to bed, my husband and my 3 year old daughter were finishing up eating dinner. Just as I crossed the threshold to the next room I hear/see him do the Karl "SlingBlade" impression He thrust his jaw out into an underbite, made the face and did the voice. ...underbite, heavy hillbilly throaty voice and say "I sure do like these taters...mmmmmmmm..hmmmmm..."

Kendall lets out the biggest giggle (but what does she know about how funny daddy truly is). The funniest most endearing thing was seeing the whole thing. I started cracking up but I'm holding a sleeping baby. It's like holding a time bomb - you pray she doesn't wake up or you'll suffer the wrath. I'm trying to lay sweet Avery in her bed while my body gyrates from being on the brink of uncontrollable laughter...the impression playing over and over in my head.

When I came back out finally able to laugh out loud, the moment had passed and I got "that" look from both of them. (I could hear in my head "mom you are so lame"). That's right...I love my family. It's because we are weird. That's why Mike and I are so right for each other. He gets my craziness and still makes me laugh so hard my sides ache. And now...I am passing it on to my daughter...she is JUST as quirky as I am and it is unbelievable the strange habits that I have that she has...but that's another day, another post. BEDTIME!

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