Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boston Visitaaaas

Here are some pictures of our sweet Boston friends. My friend from college, Candi, and her husband and kids were down from Boston visiting her family and they came over on Monday night as well as another friend of hers and her 3 kids. The oldest kids were all girls and were in Kendall's room and had Princess outfits on before we could blink. I guess girls are drawn to fashion? They new exactly where to go. This also made me realize that Kendall needs more girl friends. Most of her friends are boys and of course won't dress up. Kendall walked around quietly all night with a subdued look on her face and I'm pretty sure she was thinking "Am I okay with all of these girls wearing all of MY stuff? Should I be saying something? It seems like fun. And I do get to be Snow White so I guess it's okay." Needless to say it was a lot of fun, the visit wasn't nearly long enough, and the house was VERY quiet when everyone left!

Candi's Luke & Meghan's Luke (8 months apart) The Princesses...Makenna, Rylie, Tatum and Kendall
Me with Avery, Candi & Rylie, Meghan & Luke

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