Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Matthew!

Last night (Saturday the 18th) we went to Sarah's house to celebrate Matthew's birthday. It was fun and Kendall and Matthew had a good time. They really play so well together...well, they did play together so well, until Matthew got TRAINS for his birthday. What is it about men and their modes of transportation that they get so protective of them? Sorry Sarah but it was pretty funny. Matthew is a GREAT kid so it was funny to see that side. But they ALL HAVE IT! (note: I am poking fun at another person's child not as a "perfect mother of a perfect child" - well, perfect mother - yes...haha... but I'm allowed to make fun of another's childs behavior b/c mine has had more than her fair share of tantrums, yelling, screaming, pouting, and MINE-ing.)
Interestingly enough, you could see the look of satisfaction on Kendall's face as Matthew was being "talked to in the other room." The look could be described as "Hmmm...he wasn't sharing, then he got dragged off to the other room... now I'm here alone with ALL of the trains and I didn't say a word! Well that worked out GREAT for me!!!" But they still love each other. Even if they were locked inside for most of the evening b/c it poured down rain earlier that day.

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