Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy Baby

Today was Avery's first time in the Jumpin' Jack or whatever you call it - the bouncy seat that hangs from your door jam. Aaaaaaaand she loved it. Back when Kendall was about 6 months we got this from a 2nd hand children's store for about $15. They retail for $40 BUT it's totally worth it!!! Anyway, Kendall was already almost too old and too big for it and only got to use it for about a month. I remembered that it was up in the attic a couple of days ago and pulled it down. So while Kendall napped we put Avery in it. Why did we have to wait and secretly pull out the "fun machine" because she's like superglue on her sister. And that combined with a moving object containing her sister - well it's a disasterous combination. It's definitely something that will have to be closely monitored when both are awake!

So Avery wasn't too sure about it at all at first but within minutes she fully grasped the limitless possibilities and started jumping and laughing. We've never heard her laugh and squeal and talk that much. It's lots of fun on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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