Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby #1 Turned 4 on December 13th

My Little Cowgirl
Most of the Crew: Kaitlyn, Spencer, Tanner, Keifer Ellis, Matthew Hare, Kendall, Avery Fereday, Matthew Moss (not pictured Chase, Lauren & Cooper Ellis, Zak & Megan Sury)
Kendall and her best buds from school: Keifer & Matthew

My sweet firstborn child turned 4 on December 13th. Currently she loves to sing, thinks that she loves Hannah "Ontana" although she really has no idea who she is, adores school, and smothers her little sister. Tiger and Duck are her bestest snuggle stuffed animals. She really is so darn funny sometimes. When we were getting Avery's cupcakes mixed and put into the pans I was about to put them in the oven and Kendall yelled from the living room (in all seriousness) "try not to burn them mom!" I about fell over laughing but was slightly insulted. She doesn't trust me after the Christmas cookie burning accident.
So for her birthday I came down with one heck of a sore throat and fever - not strep but mimicked it. I was SO happy that we did not have a huge blow out party. I truly hope that anyone that sees these pictures that was not invited is not offended. I love each and every one of our dear friends but we just could not do a party to host 60 people!!!! I'm blessed, what can I say? Anyway, we did just a little shin-dig with a few friends. It was a cold, wet, rainy, dreary day at Clay's Restaurant but I think that the kids still had fun.

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