Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas tree

Our tree, in all it's lighted glory. It took something like 10 strands of lights. Jiminy Christmas!
I'm going backwards on these posts but we went to find a beautiful Christmas tree this year. We picked out a perfect one! Well, I should say that Mike picked it out. However this year I found myself being incredibly paranoid about the tree - getting enough water, burning down my house. Maybe because I have 2 more precious beings under my roof? Probably. Nevertheless I'm seriously considering just getting a fake one next year. We'll see.

Oh and did I mention that our beautiful, gorgeous NINE foot Christmas tree FELL OVER one night? Kendall came into our room in the middle of the night and as I walked her back to her room I was thinking of what a mess our living room was. We'd finished folding all of the girls laundry while they were asleep so we left it out on the furniture until morning...anyway, I looked all the way over - something just didn't feel right and hoooooooooooly crap, tree down! 2 ornaments broke (surprisingly only 2) but one was our "I DO!" globe that my mother-in-law gave us the year we got married. I had to get Mike out of bed to help me lift the darn thing up. Upon finding the broken "I Do" globe, I lifted my hands in exaggeration and said loudly "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! It's a sign!!! The marriage is over!!!!!" Then we laughed and got out the vacuum. What else do you do at 3 am when you find a horizontal Christmas tree?

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