Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby #2 Turns 1!!!!

Avery turned one on January 5th. I felt guilty for not throwing her a big party (it's mom guilt brought on only by myself). I cried in the morning - it's ridiculous, I know. There are so many other things to cry about. Some days I guess I just feel overwhelmed by all of the blessings I have in my life and feel incredibly undeserving. I'm so happy that I got to see my baby turn 1. It's a huge accomplishment that she is alive (er see blog - What's wrong with this picture?)
So due to my guilt about not having a huge party to celebrate this very special Tuesday, I called my neighbors and a couple of good friends and luckily they didn't have anything to do on that cold winters day and came over! We were joined by: Suzanne Box and her 3 boys Braden, Truitt & Blake (bday buddy); Marsha Mitchell & Jackson; Leslie Simank and Mikah, Gracie, Luke & Eli; Stephanie Bryson and Joseph, Catherine & David.
It quickly became a full house! Avery cried most of the time and then started with a fever that night - great. Found out it was due to a 3 week old ear infection that never went away.
Despite it all, I had fun and it relieved my guilt. It was just nice to have a full house of special friends on my baby's birthday.
Happy! (for now)
With Birthday Buddy - Blake Box. He was born the next day, same hospital.
I accidentally snapped the hat strap against her skin and the crying ensued. Blake is reacting like a typical male "What's wrong with her?!"
Who knew chocolate icing could cause such horror. Cake!

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