Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ahhh Easter. I love this holiday and all that it represents. If only Jesus' death and resurrection was the only part of this holiday. Oh no. Some money grubbing person out there had to add a bunny, chocolate, I the only mom that feels overwhelmed by these holidays?

So much to do, to buy, am I buying too much? too little? I honestly try not to get too bogged down and buy into the hype. Anyway, that being said, my guilty admission is that I took more than half of the pre-filled eggs that Kendall got from her school egg hunt and set them aside so that I'd have less to do later.
So there.

Here are some pictures! We had a great day. Mike's family came over for a great beer can chicken, smothered green beans, salad, roll, baked twice potatoes. We've finally fixed up the backyard with some new landscaping and the girls are LOVING spending time out there. On Easter we had a little baseball game going.

Mmmm...I love to eat dirt and grass...and bubbles. Give me more of those bubbles! Who needs chocolate and jelly beans? Okay, just kidding - I love jelly beans too.

Kendall has been begging for an egg hunt for WEEKS. She even planned her own Easter Party about 3 different times. I think she loved it more than Christmas - seriously.

This is what happens with I put my camera on the manual setting - OVEREXPOSURE. Oh well! I was able to add edit in a little color...would have been a cuter photo with less light.
But she's still cute, ain't she?
This isn't the best picture of Kendall but I love it because of Avery. She just took off - as usual...
Batter up!
Aunt Becca playing catcher with Kendall's Fancy Nancy hat.

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