Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I had to google that word before I could do this post...

I'm frustrated...and it is showing. I feel like I'm spreading myself too thin. I struggle between what I NEED to do and what my heart desires. Work vs. hobbies. I need to find an middle ground.

I want to be stellar at photography. NOW. But I suck. I feel like I'm really just not getting it and I'm frustrated because I want to be swimming in the sea of knowledge that is photography, but I don't have a minute to do it! AND I DEFINITELY DONT HAVE THE MONEY. I have about 5 spare minutes a day and then I waste it checking stupid FaceBook. What a black hole it is....and I DON'T EVEN SPEND THAT MUCH TIME ON IT!

Lately when I'm on the computer I feel A.D.D. Urgh, that's another post for another day...

I'm frustrated with myself. I am a jack of all trades but I'm not really GOOD at any one thing. So I try to do everything and end up with 10 yards of unused fabrics, tidbits, scrapbooking paper, unfinished projects out the wazoo.

But then reality hits and if this is my biggest complaint in life - awesome.

But I'm still frustrated. :)


  1. Everyone has those days...I bought a better camera and still don't take fabulous pics. There is so much to learn about photography. I still haven't read through my manual..LOL!
    Your little ladies are gorgeous:)

  2. I'm the same way!! Just so talented at a million things (hahahahahaha!!!!) and never able to finish what I started because my A.D.D kicks in and I find another project that interests me more!! As soon as I get my good camera (next christmas) we can hold classes of our own and really figure them out together. Two heads are better than one!

  3. Hi. I am visiting from the Create and Delegate blog and stayed to look around. I hope you dont mind :)

    I just read this post and I had to tell you that I feel the exact same way about my "projects" 99.9% of the time. Oh and I just bought a Nikon Coolpix 100 (because it was supposed to be easier to use than a SLR) and I still havent been able to figure out all the settings. frustrating!
    I dont know what to do about it, so if you come up with any good ideas, definatly let me know.