Monday, April 12, 2010


Somehow I was able to dupe Adobe and get a 2nd free trial of Lightroom (photo editing software) woohoo!!! From what I remember 6 months ago I loved it but can I really fork out the $300 for it?! My sweet hubby got me Corel and it works but depsite hours of training I just can't seem to wrap my head around it. And my first Lightroom experience was dreamy. So I'll use my 30 day trial and start saving my pennies...maybe someday I'll get it.

In the meantime here are some pictures I took at my best friend's little sister's baby shower. It was fun! Nice time - no kids...need I say more? But somehow I was still ready for a nap afterwards. ??? Must have been the champagne punch and massive amounts of food. I can definitely see myself doing "party shoots" in the future but I'll have to get my "bossiness" confidence level up. So far I'm excellent at telling food to "hold still and smile" as you will see in the pics but people...I just feel like I'm intruding. Gotta get over that.

And not that these party pics are that great, but I do enjoy taking picures...that's all I'm saying. OH and hello, the main reason for me posting these pictures is to give some props to The Purple Pug who did the "S" centerpiece and cupcake toppers. Kristy does them herself and is unbelieveable. It just adds so much I think! She made some for my daughter's 4 birthday and now I'm just looking for excuses to use her! Check out her stuff - it's ridiculously awesome.

I'm battling a neck spasm (going on one full week) so I'll end and leave some pictures. Hopefully soon I'll have pictures of sweet baby Stella herself!!!! Her mommy has dutifully signed her up to be a free model for the "Kate cause." hello...can you even tell she is pregnant here?

Sue (step-mother), Kate (mom-to-be), Sarah (my BFF), and Mother-in-law (I didn't catch her name!!!! )
Food - looks good, don't it!? Cupcakes made my the Cupcake Connisseur, Sarah Moss.

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  1. Thanks for the sweet shout out! Everything looked beautiful. Can I post the pics on my bloggy?