Saturday, May 15, 2010

1st Baseball Game - in a LONG time!

Mike did a silent auction at a fundraiser and won tickets to an Astros game so we got to take Kendall (4) to her very first Astros game! It was very exciting. She was pumped and ready to go 2 days before. We wore the size 5/6 jersey we got for her last year - all in all it was a great time and she had a blast - as did we. We haven't been in FOREVER and I really miss the games. We used to have season tickets - back in the old PK days (pre-kid) when we could jet there right after work. Oh how we used to complain about the crowds, the traffic...ahhh...the good 'ole days. Now we just complain - at home...about them losing. Ah well...they lost this game but we had a great time. The "club level" seats weren't too shabby either. Perfect weather...a great array of foods to choose was a perfect night for a baseball game!!!

Hangin' with the best of the BEST - we love you Big Puma!!! (aka Lance Berkman)
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  1. Awww...she looks so cute!! I love the head shot pic of her; the smile is precious.