Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So...can any of you bloggers tell me how to create a cute "logo" header for the top of my blog? As you can see, mine is crooked and I can't get it centered. I don't necessarily love having a gigantic picture of myself up there either...I can't figure out how to resize it, even digging around in html. If you have any ideas or help - lemme know.



  1. First off I love the new family picture!! So adorable. I designed mine in Photoshop but I can't really tell you how I did it (i'd have to kill ya...hahaha I've always wanted to use that line now I can check that off..so CHECK!) Anywho I found a neat little tutorial to create one in picasa so maybe you could check it out.


  2. Have you tried google picasa? that's what I used...you can add text and place it anywhere you want...then save the pic, then add it to your blogger gadget.