Monday, June 28, 2010


Unbeknown to my husband, I have a million project ideas running through my head. Not that he really cares b/c they don't involve him anyway, BUT here was the first that I'd been pondering on for quite some time. My entertainment center drives me nuts. I really don't LOVE it and I'd rather have something more streamlined like this...
And instead I have a large clunky big screen with cabinets around it. I mean, it's's just...big. (and don't get me wrong. After we reassembled the 2 ton shelves and put them back in place Mike said, "we should just move all that into another room and get a flat screen on the wall." I know honey...I's my dream too. We just need another oh....500 square feet. We do have plans for a little rearranging once Avery gets into a big girl bed so we'll see. Maybe then...)

Anyway, to me the bookshelves on either side have always been black holes. You can't really see anything in the them b/c the wood is so dark. I've seen in a mag where they added wallpaper to the back of the shelves and I knew this is what I wanted to do.

Well...have you checked out the price of wallpaper lately? I mean's obviously making a comeback because it is ridiculously expensive. Well, not for the old rooster and veggie wallpaper, but for the trendy ones - it's at least $30 a roll and most places making you have buy 2 rolls. But I don't NEED 40 feet of wallpaper, I need about 10. So I've been searching for an alternate for months. Scrapbook my own...nah...wallpaper scraps - no idea where to even start...

Then last week I was meandering through the Wal-mart that I NEVER go to because it is so far away (it's like 10 miles away...whew...long trek). Anyway, I happened upon shelf liner that looks like the ever popular $90+/roll wallpaper. Now this IS the spongy shelf liner not the self stick but I decided to give it a try. Long story short (I've got a baby screaming in her crib) it worked! So for about $11, my shelves when from this to this!

I think I am going to get 2 bigger baskets for the bottom shelves where the smaller baskets are now. I'll make a few more changes but for now, it just livens them up so much! I love it.


  1. Well if you ever decide to get rid of the entertainment center I would ABSOLUTLY take it off your hands!!!! That's just the kind of friend I am. HAHA!!

  2. p.s. the backing of the shelves looks awesome!