Friday, June 11, 2010

Huff and Puff

This is my first time using Picasa to do a photo collage. Yeah for me - if you don't mind me tooting my own horn. My friend Selene does it on hers all the time and I figured it out. On. My. Own.

So the other day Kendall - age 4 1/2 - learned to blow up a balloon ALL BY HERSELF! No, it's not brain surgery, it's not reading (working on it), or algebra but it's hard to do! And these were REAL balloons. We'd bought a bag of them for a craft I was going to do (didn't happen). And then Kendall's friend Avery (not sister) came over and they wanted me to blow up all 50,000 of them (okay 25, but it felt like 50K). However my lungs were shot. I got some weird chest something or other and with each balloon I blew up, I about blew out a lung so after 10 balloons I said "look girls, if you want another balloon blown up, you are going to have to do it yourself." Secretly laughing inside knowing that they'd be huffing and puffing themselves into a fantastic NAP (pass out? nap? same difference right?)

But no. Those silly little giggle boxes learned to blow up balloons. There is nothing like the satisfaction of something HUGE like that.

And isn't everything a BIG DEAL at this age?
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  1. Yay for Picasa! Yay for Kendall! I've lost many hours of my life playing with my pics on picasa.

  2. Yea for Kendall!! You're too funny Kate!!! Sometimes when I'm reading your blog I randomly laugh-out-loud and Keith looks at me like I'm a CRAZY woman who's gone off her meds.