Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures. I've been working my poor fingers to the bone. Don't you all feel sorry for me? Wha?! No?! Shocking! Okay, enough griping. Here are the kiddos on a recent trip to the closest easiest pumpkin patch to visit! Avery was NOT up for pictures at all. Then again she's never up for pictures.

I try really hard not to be "the mom behind the camera." You know, the one that tries to commemorate every single thing in her child's life with a photographic shot. Instead I try to limit the pictures and enjoy the moment. There was pretty much none of either this day. But this day was meant specifically for pictures.

By the time the "photo shoot" was started I was ready leave. It wasn't fun...it was hot and really windy. These days I get moody easily. I think it's just because I am so tired of constantly chasing Avery who doesn't listen and climbs on everything. Someday I'll miss this age but right now - dear Lord please help me. This kid has some serious will power. But dangit if I don't love the age for the same reason - discovery, new words, interpretation, animation...it's truly entertaining!

Avery (21 months) Pardon the drippy nose...

My girls - Kendall (almost 5) & Avery (21 months)
(by the way, if your name has "grandma" in it anywhere you are getting a copy of this picture)

This is my Avery. She's pretty good about not sucking her thumb all of the time but when she does, this is how it is: thumb in the mouth, fingers in the hair, "nite nite" blanket nearby.
We'll break her of the thumb thing someday but for now - she's my baby. No worries, I will not allow it after the age of what - 2 1/2, 3? We made Kendall give up her pacifier at 2...
Okay, that's all I got for now.
Love love love...

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