Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stupid mantel window

Who puts a window over a mantel I ask!?!?!?!? I hate this window. It's supposed to let light in, but it ends up just creating an awful glare. (I had to close the drapes just to get a decent picture) This picture was taken in the middle of the day with the lights ON in the living room. But it's like the outdoor light and indoor light are at war and the outdoor light wins. Normally this is a good thing but in this house with our set up it is just distracting.

My original idea was to put up a square fabric covered board with some nail head trim and then hang a really pretty wreath or mirror from it. In fact, I already cut the boards last week and I was going to assemble it today until...I saw this post from The Lettered Cottage.

I'm thinking of copying/making the Pottery Barn Egan mirror. Yes? No? I am anxiously awaiting their tutorial so I can get started on this project!!!! Do you think it will work? I'll have to add another row of mirrors I think. BUT it will cover the window and help create a little more light in the room with the addition of the mirrors.


  1. Kate -
    One of the first mantels I checked out on the linky party had...a mantel window!
    You might want to check out her blog. She has put blinds over the windows.

    Here is a beautiful idea - a stained glass window over mantel:
    and another one:

    Love what you did with your mantel!


  2. I think that mirror would be great! I also want to see how they did it because that mirror would be great in our family room. I'm laughing at your profile description b/c I don't think I'm funny either and my hubby is so witty! But give me a glass of wine and I'm a riot! Ha!