Monday, July 25, 2011

Nebraska - Bonfire!

Yep, still posting on Nebraska!

This is my Uncle Ron. This picture should be by itself - it deserves to be by itself... alas, I'll add more pictures of the rest of the bonfire. The Anderson group does this at least once a year. We burn any old stuff in that is trash or around the farm, old desks, newspapers... newspapers.... newspapers. Unlike Texas, Nebraska had gotten a lot of rain recently so all of the wood was really wet so we weren't able to get a good blaze going, but when we did get it going we snapped a few pictures.

My Uncle Dave and cousin Julie

My cousin Jeff and his sister (my cousin Julie)

Us! a new favorite picture

The girls on the farm porch. It'd been a long day - you can tell from their crazy hair.

Sparklers that may have expired 50 years ago. They were found in the basement. We let Uncle Ron (see first picture) test one before giving them to the precious children.

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