Monday, July 25, 2011

Nebraska - Sunday night at Aunt Chris' house

Picture of all of the Anderson's for the last Memorial day rally. Very bittersweet.

From left to right - My cousin Jeff, Aunt Janet, Jeff's wife Vicki, Cousin Julie, my Uncle Ron, Aunt Janet, her husband Dave, Aunt Shirley, Uncle Kent

After leaving Gothenburg we traveled to Lincoln to my Aunt Chris' house. She's the lucky one that is married to Uncle Ron (see previous post). We had such a great time. The guys/boys played wiffle-ball/baseball for an hour or so. I'm pretty sure that Mike and Kyle were about to die. But they had fun. Aunt Chris has the most beautiful backyard - it is huge!!! She's a busy lady and I have no idea how she keeps it up.

Aunt Chris spinning Avery. She's got 3 boys so she loved doting on the girls!

Avery getting a little one-on-one baseball time of her own with my cousin Julie.
The Game

Oh yeah...outta the park

My cousins Jake and Danny. These boys. Gentlemen, sweet, kind, courteous. Their momma and daddy are doing something right. I guess that's the thing about family. It doesn't matter that we don't see each other every weekend...there is just that bond - the immediate connection. The fun (and chaos) just starts immediately!

Avery spraying me with water "ssssssssssptttttttthhhhhhhh"

Avery parked it on Aunt Chris' lap as much as possible. Again - the doting. Luckily we didn't stay there too long or I would've quickly been replaced as Avery's favorite.

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