Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer fun with Grant

Every summer my nephew Grant comes down from Michigan to stay with his dad for a few months.  (He is Mike's brother's son.)  Luckily we got Grant all to ourselves for a few days here and there.  We'd go to the pool, play hide and seek, build forts, play video games, cool off with water balloons, and occasionally the girls would talk him into playing one of their girly games like the "count the cherries on the tree" game.  The girls absolutely adore him.

He's 11 years old - was just a few months old when Mike and I got married.

What a kid this is!  If I could have had him at the house every day and night of the summer I would have loved every second of it.  He is kind, courteous, polite, protective of the girls.  We'd go to the pool and he wouldn't take his eyes off of the girls or if he did, he'd let me know he was going to go down the slide or to the other side of the pool.  He was very hands on and it was incredibly nice - especially with 2 young kids at a pool - to have an extra set of eyes.  

He was so much fun to have around and we miss him very much already.

Dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings - this kid can EAT.

Playing video games at Buffalo Wild Wings.  I love the reaction to whatever happened on the game!

Playing around the house.  They actually obliged when I asked to take a picture.  Even Avery!

This is one of the creative ideas they had.  Grant was worn out after dragging those girls around on the carpet!  

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