Thursday, September 1, 2011

Here's to movin' on!

It's the end of summer and I've officially done a TERRIBLE job of blogging. So here's to hoping that eventually I'll get caught up but in the meantime I've got to stay with current events!

First things first - Kendall lost a tooth! It was already just a little loose. Neither of us knew this until the dentist pointed it out. Well, we went to G&G Brewer's house the week of August 8th. Within 30 minutes of being there Kendall comes down crying and her tooth is bleeding. Apparently her meanie little sister pulled the tubing of a toy out of her mouth and it just yanked that tooth really loose! So for the next 2 days we had to listen to Kendall wail everytime she even attempted to eat. She'd bang it with a fork - cry, crunch on it wrong - cry.

Finally at dinner one night as she was finally starting to suck it up and deal with the pain I said "Why don't you try wiggling it with a napkin? That's what I did when I pulled my teeth" and sure enough, she'd barely gotten that napkin in her mouth and pop! out it came! She was on cloud nine. Upon further examination of the tooth we were shocked at how sharp the root was. It was honestly no wonder she cried every time. We (mom and I) consequently felt least for a whole minute.

That first night that we were there she and Grandma made a special tooth fairy pillow. Whew - that was good timing. Not sure I could have pulled off a pillow of that caliber. The tooth fairy brought her a silver dollar and also a $5 bill. She was thrilled and it was probably a record for how fast and willingly she went to bed that night.Our other big news...Kendall had her first day of Kindergarten on August 22nd. She absolutely loves it. Her teacher is Mrs. Vilorio (below in the orange shirt). She gets to sit next to her friends from preschool Matthew and Alexandra. It's totally coincidental that they were all assigned to seats in a row at the table. I'm not sure Ms. V knew what she was getting herself into.

She says she loves everything about school but that lunch is boring and recess is too hot. I totally understood that! It's been in the 100s every day for the past few weeks. No complaints so far. She's very happy.

In her classroom! Ready to go - all smiles, no tears (from me either).

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