Monday, December 3, 2012

Fun things!

We saw an amazing rainbow the other day!!!  It was actually a double rainbow and it had to be the brightest rainbow I've ever seen.  Avery and I drove over to see it from the field near our apartment.  Kendall was with a friend and had called to check in and we thought it was so neat that we could both see the same rainbow even though we weren't together.  Hey, she's young and I'll take all the sappiness I can get!!!

 Guess who's back?!?!?!  Our elf finally arrived!  Kendall made the gingerbread house with a friend and that silly old elf, Frisbee, added snowmen (large marshmallows), small marshmallow "snowballs", and a "Home Sweet Home" sign to it!!!!  The girls had made him a bed so we found him snug and asleep on Saturday morning!

Saturday night was our first time going to the Fulshear Christmas Lighting ceremony!  We were lucky enough to sit with some friends and had a front row seat on the back of their truck for the parade.  Below are pictures of Kendall, Avery and Kendall's friend, Allyson.
Let's hope that this is one of the only times that the red and blue lights of a police car are reflecting off of their sweet faces!!!!

Waiting for more floats and candy!!!

They got to climb up the fire truck

In the fire truck!
With the stage and Christmas tree in the background.
 For the life of me I can't get their eyes not to glow!!

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