Monday, December 31, 2012

Kendall is 7!

Kendall turned 7 on December 13th.  I can't believe how much older she looks compared to last year! I try to take a picture of her every morning on her birthday but she was so excited that she woke up SUPER early and we were still in the apartment at that time and it was dark so I couldn't make her go back to her bed and risk waking up Avery.  So alas, we took her picture on the couch.
7 years old!
This was last year (age 6)

I joined her for lunch at school and took her McDonalds
Skates for her birthday!
Family dinner anywhere she wanted - Chuck E Cheese of course!  Luckily it wasn't too crowded on a Thursday night.

 For her party we decided just to do a little party with her friends Allyson and Kate BUT the flu was running rampant at the school and poor little Kate was just so sick she couldn't go.  So it was just Kendall, Allyson and Avery but we had a great time anyway.  We gave Kendall skates for her birthday and so we tried them out at the local skating rink!  Even Avery got to skate for the first time and she's a natural.  She didn't even want to use the skate walker most of the time.  

They wouldn't  let us bring food into the skating rink (even though it was just donuts) so we took them back to the apartment!

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