Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

My parents came in town this weekend and we had a great relaxing time. I can tell that I'm old because I really enjoy my parents now. And I think that the best thing about having kids is when the grandparents come in town. They want time WITH the kids and I get time WITHOUT the kids. I can take a shower, go running, cook dinner - all without interruption!!! It's almost so great that I'm considering adding a guest house to our next house plans! Then they can stay as looooooooong as they want.

On Mother's day Mike surprised us with a brunch cruise. It was a big yacht and they drove us around Clearlake for an hour and a half. Kendall was not at ALL hip on the boat thing until we finally got moving. She was stuck like Velcro on either me or Mike for the first 30 minutes but once we were out in the water she loved it! It was a great surprise from Mike and something very different to do. And seeing as how when mom and dad come into town it is almost impossible to go anywhere or do anything (because someone needs a nap or to be fed or to be changed or is cranky)...well, it was nice to get up and get going and do something fun!

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