Thursday, December 17, 2009

22nd Century Christmas Card

The latest and greatest way to send a Christmas card! I DID send some via old school mail. Here is the letter to go with it in case you are a curious visitor from FaceBook:

Somehow, I’m actually making time to write a Christmas letter! We went to Nebraska for Thanksgiving and I have been running-no sprinting-ever since we got back!!!!

Kendall turned 4 on December 13th . Actually, I can handle her being 4 but thinking ahead to next year – oh my stomach turns! But I am so happy that she is a healthy active fun and bright girl. She definitely keeps us on our toes. She is in “school” 3 days a week at our church’s preschool and loves but unfortunately we are hearing less and less of what she has learned from her teachers and more and more of what things she has heard from her friends. The latest? Vampires. From 3 year olds!!!! I’m looking into homeschooling. That’s a joke.

So other than picking up random bits of useless information from her friends, Kendall loves to smother her sister, help me around the house, play games on my computer, play with her friends, color and read. Daddy takes time every night to put her to bed and they read together. I’m sure she’ll be reading early – all THAT credit goes to Daddy for sure.

Avery is going to turn 1 on January 5th (hopefully you’ll get this letter before then). As cliché as it sounds, “I don’t know where the year has gone.” My baby is going to be ONE. She has been THE best baby. I mean, Kendall was good but this kid is awesome. She sleeps through the night and is just really happy. She took her first steps when we were in Nebraska at the Omaha Children’s museum. It must have been all of the excitement and trying to keep up with the big kids. Tonight daddy came home and got on the floor with her and she was walking short distances to him, back to the table, over to the basket…She’ll be confident on her own in no time. She loves to babble, scream, has a determined “march-like” crawl, and adores anything and everything that her sister does. Most recently she points at things and says “DA!” She’s pretty much a genius and the only baby that has ever accomplished these incredibly challenging things.

Mike is staying busy with his homebuilding business. Things have slowed but they are still building and have some great and promising prospects for next year. We are praying that God continues to bless us as He so diligently has in the past year. We are truly grateful.

Last but not least, I am still running around like a decapitated chicken most days. I love to go to the gym but it hasn’t been happening lately. I’m still working for my dad part time – well, I like to call it part-part time because I rarely get a moments peace around here to get work done uninterrupted. That’s why I’m usually up late most nights! My days are filled with cleaning, changing, shopping trips, working, playdates, cleaning, cooking, driving and occasionally I get to sleep and shower. I guess this sounds like I’m complaining but I really do love my life. The few minutes that I have to myself I certainly treasure and I know that all too soon I’ll be crying as they leave for college. BUT for now I cling to my babies and this little life we have. I hope you feel only love and peace and happiness this Christmas season.

My love to whoever reads this!

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