Thursday, December 24, 2009

What is wrong with this picture?

Let me preface this post by saying that this night could have produced tragic events (i.e. my baby face down in the tub). HOWEVER that did not happen and so I take the opportunity to laugh. Mike was cleaning the kitchen...I'd gotten the bath ready for Kendall and SHUT THE DOOR because Avery is just tall enough to fall face first into the tub. I've been waiting for this to happen so we keep her out of the bathroom when Kendall is in there.

So last night there was this Carrie Underwood special that was so cheesy - she is NOT a comedian as much as she tries to be (eg. CMA awards, and now this variety show...who writes this stuff?) I'd gotten Kendall's bath ready (after giving Avery hers) but while the water was running asked her to quickly clean up her room. I walked back into the kitchen to do something after quickly opening the bathroom door to put something away - BIG MISTAKE. "Crawls faster than lightning" Avery sneaks into the bathroom - unbeknowst to me. I'm dazed watching the stupid Carrie Variety Show and I hear splashing. As I began to go into the hallway to the bathroom I see her room. So that means AVERY IS IN THE TUB!!! How she ended up bottom down, face up is beyond me. She is a climber, that is for sure. Her face wasn't even wet. That sneaky little girl. And she was so happy to be playing with her sister's toys.

Again, an 11 month old getting into a bathtub that is 1/3 full of water by herself is NOT SAFE and I feel really stupid thinking that she could have almost drowned. But the kid is smart...Needless to say the door WILL STAY CLOSED from now on. Geez louise.

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