Monday, December 7, 2009

More pictures from our Nebraska trip...

Kendall and Avery snuggling in Papa Vernon's chair. He is SORELY missed.

Avery tried and tried and tried to climb into Grandma 'Nore's rocking chair. However on this particular night her pj's were a little too tight so she couldn't quite hike up her leg...

Children of the Corn!!!! (at Omaha's Children's Museum) Avery, Daddy and Kendall at the Children's Museum. A perfect outing in the cold Nebraska drizzle. Avery took her first steps while she was there!!! 3 whole steps all by herself! She finally made it! Then kept being told to sit down. Agh...she's our climber. We are in trouble with this kiddo! She's not scared of anything so far!

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