Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

The Haynes side of the family (my mom's side).
Top Row - Aunt Trish (mom's sister), and her hubby Uncle Tim, Grandma Lenore, Uncle Mike (mom's brother) and his wife Aunt Jane.
Bottom Row - Greg's girlfriend, my cousin Greg, and then us! Avery was sleeping and after a week of fitful sleeping I wasn't ABOUT to wake her up!
Grandma 'Nore on the phone with my mom.Kendall enjoyed taking pictures of everyone with my iPhone but it mostly ended up being blurred pictures of shoes, knees, carpet... And then asking everyone "Do YOU have an iPhone?!" the child just doesn't get it...I embarrasingly tried to stop her from asking EVERYONE that!

Me, Kendall and Grandma 'Nore

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