Friday, March 19, 2010

Blogging in Bed

Day 1 of officially starting Project Paint the Dresser for Avery's room.

It's been a long day - but isn't that always how it is when your day starts at Walmart?! At least it is our little very new ritzy Katy Walmart. I mean really - unlike the normal chaos of the 30 people heading to the checkout lines each with a shopping cart overloaded with crap... oh no. Ours has cashiers WAITING for you...not just waiting but so bored they head over to the clothing section to straighten it up while they wait for someone. (sounds like Yo Gabba Gabba in my head).

So okay, okay, enough already. it was a long day but I got the drawers nicely sanded in the backyard while the girls played. I had no idea how much sandpaper I'd use. I mean, really it wasn't THAT much, but I thought 2 sheets would get me through. Oh no...It'll be at least 10-15 by the time I'm done. Started at Wal-mart with supplies - I wanted just to get it sanded at least and maybe primed. And here it is midnight and I got both done!!!! Sanded...primed...and sanded again. Ready for colored paint. If I can get throught the trip to Home Depot with both girls in the morning I think that I may be able to finish it tomorrow and hopefully will have it Avery's room on Sunday. Fingers crossed.

Without further ado...
Here are a few of today's supplies. Sanding block, sandpaper, googles, wood filler, primer chocolate and wine. And of course, I was very careful to make sure that all of the right precautions were taken - the placed the wine in a plastic tumbler - SAFETY FIRST! And who doesn't need a little dark chocolate supplement?! Thanks mom for my V-day indulgences.

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