Thursday, March 18, 2010


Not part of the project - but she's cute.

Project #1 - Landscaping
So the front beds looked atrocious. Not only the weeds but I'd planted some variation of iris and they just looked awful. Of course our soil is a mixture of clay, concrete and production home builder trash which may include glass, chip bags, broken bricks...that's just to name a few of the things I've found in my beds. Anywhoo...this means nothing really grows. SO, yet again I find myself pulling up the old but not ALL of it this time. I left the nandina in the back...basically everything in the back row (japanese yew which is not sort of out of place now that the other 2 have died). Magnolia tree is still there...the ONLY thing left of the original landscaping put in when the house was built in 2001. Anyway, we still need much but I added "Ballerina Hawthore" in front of the nandina (which is kind of hard to see), and then japanese boxwoods across the front which I LOVE. It is used a lot here in Texas - sturdy and adds a great splash of color.
I still need 2 or 3 filler plants near our Aggie flag, and some stuff on the side behind the magnolia but it's coming along! Oh and Kendall has been desperately begging to plant seeds so we planted some snapdragon flower seeds near the walkway so hopefully that will give us some color before too long!

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