Monday, March 22, 2010


It took a lot longer and many more applications, sandings, and trips to Home Depot but it is done! I'll do more details later about the process but I think it turned out pretty cute. It looks pretty pukey green here with the lighting but it's a nice "avocado" green.
I did antique it on the edges but the pictures came out blurry (as my children ran crazy after dinner hyper circles around me) so I'll do those it's ice cream time. Anyway, I'm glad that I antiqued the edges to give it the worn look because as I was taking the changing table down, Avery grabs one of the legs and wonks it into the front leg of her new dresser. Nice babe. Way to help mommy out!
The dresser...before all of the baby crap gets put on it!
The pulls. Got these in black at Hobby Lobby and they were cheap enough for me to risk painting. And they turned out great!
Picked up this wrapping paper at Tuesday Morning months ago and it goes perfect in the bottom of the drawers as a liner. Well, I think so.
Close up of the hardware. I "antiqued" it as well.
Chubby cheeks sitting on the changing pad on the top of the dresser.

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