Thursday, March 4, 2010


Okay, so this is not one of the "professional" shots. Isnt' it lovely how I look like the 13 year old babysitter in the picture?! I was trying to get Avery to smile, had on flats, and was standing back and off to the side. Not to mention that Vanessa is just taller than me anyway. But really...this picture looks a little ridiculous. And I should have taken off my sunglasses...

This past weekend we went up to Dallas and got to spend Sunday morning with our old neighbors, the Bellews. They used to live on our street but got transferred to Dallas. Vanessa requested that I use my ever-blooming photography skills to take their family pictures at Nash Farm in Grapevine. It was a gorgeous little plot of land in downtown Grapevine and the kids loved running around and occasionally stopping for a picture. I've got a lot to learn in photography but I'm pretty proud of how the pictures turned out!

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